All photographs by James N. McNally except where noted & © James N. McNally


The numbers refer to the chronological order of construction as shown in William Allin Storrer’s excellent guidebook, The Architecture of Frank Lloyd Wright – A Complete Catalog.


Many of the photographs are raw and unedited


I respect private property and only shoot photos in spaces intended for public access. If this means some houses remain shrouded in trees, I accept this limitation.









I am slowly adding Opus numbers and tourist information brochures as links within the respective property listings


Added in June 2017:

New pages: Domino’s Pizza Collection, page 1, page 2

New page: drawings from unbuilt Talbot Smith Residence, Ann Arbor, Michigan









S.000 through S.199


S.000 – Unity Chapel, Spring Green, Wisconsin


S.002 & S.003 – Frank Lloyd Wright home & playroom addition, Oak Park, Illinois T G


S.002 – FLW home – interior views


S.004 – Frank Lloyd Wright Studio, Oak Park, Illinois T G


S.004 – FLW studio – interior views


S.004 – Frank Lloyd Wright Garage Addition, Oak Park, Illinois O G


S.009 – James Charnley Residence, Chicago, Illinois  T


S.011 – Warren McArthur Residence & Remodeling, Chicago, Illinois


S.013 – W. Irving Clark Residence, La Grange, Illinois


S.014 – George Blossom Residence, Chicago, Illinois


S.015 – Robert G. Emmond Residence, La Grange, Illinois


S.016 – Thomas H. Gale Residence, Oak Park, Illinois


S.017 – R.P. Parker Residence, Oak Park, Illinois


S.020 – Walter M. Gale Residence, Oak Park, Illinois


S.023 – Francis Wooley Residence, Oak Park, Illinois


S.024 & S.025 – William H. Winslow Residence & stable, River Forest, Illinois


S.026 – Robert W. Roloson Rowhouses remodeling, Chicago, Illinois


S.028 – Frederick Bagley Residence, Hinsdale, Illinois


S.029 – Peter Goan Residence, La Grange, Illinois


S.030 – Francisco Terrace Apartments, Oak Park, Illinois


S.031 – Edward C. Waller Apartments, Chicago, Illinois


S.032 – Francis Apartments, Chicago, Illinois (demolished)


S.032 – architectural details


S.033 & S.033A – Chauncey L. Williams Residence & Dormer alterations, River Forest, Illinois


S.034 – Nathan G. Moore Residence, Oak Park, Illinois


S.035 – Nathan G. Moore Stable, Oak Park, Illinois


S.036 – Harrison Young Residence Alterations, Oak Park, Illinois


S.037 & S.037A – Romeo & Juliet Windmill I & II, Taliesin, Spring Green, Wisconsin


S.038 – Isodore H. Heller Residence, Chicago, Illinois


S.039 – Henry & Lily Mitchell Residence, Racine, Wisconsin


S.040 – Charles E. Roberts Residence Remodeling, Oak Park, Illinois


S.041 – Charles E. Roberts Stable Remodeling, Oak Park, Illinois


S.042 – Harry C. Goodrich Residence, Oak Park, Illinois


S.043 – George Furbeck Residence, Oak Park, Illinois


S.044 – Rollin Furbeck Residence, Oak Park, Illinois


S.045 – George W. Smith Residence, Oak Park, Illinois


S.048 – William & Jessie M. Adams Residence, Chicago, Illinois


S.049 & S.050 – S.A. Foster Residence & Stable, Chicago, Illinois


S.051 – Edward R. Hills Residence, Oak Park, Illinois


S.052 & S.053 – B. Harley Bradley Residence & Stable, Kankakee, Illinois   T


S.054 – Ward W. Willits Residence, Highland Park, Illinois


S.055 – Ward W. Willits Gardener’s Cottage & Stables, Highland Park, Illinois


S.056 – Warren Hickox Residence, Kankakee, Illinois


S.057 – F.B. Henderson Residence, Elmhurst, Illinois


S.058, S.059, & S.060 – William G. Fricke/Emma Martin Residence, Alterations & Garage, Oak Park, Illinois


S.061 & S.061A – William E. Martin Residence & Pergola, Oak Park, Illinois


S.065 – Edward C. Waller Gates, River Forest, Illinois


S.067 – Frank Wright Thomas Residence, Oak Park, Illinois


S.068 – E. Arthur Davenport Residence, River Forest, Illinois


S.069 – Hillside Home School II, Spring Green, Wisconsin  T


S.070 & S.071 – Francis W. & Mary Little Residence I & Stable, Peoria, Illinois


S.072 – Dana-Thomas Residence, Springfield, Illinois   T G


S.072A – Stable Remodeling


S.072B – “White” Cottage remodeling


S.073 – Lawrence Memorial Library, Springfield, Illinois  O


S.074 – Arthur Heurtley Residence, Oak Park, Illinois


S,077 – Mary Gerts Cottage, Whitehall, Michigan


S.078 – Walter Gerts Cottage, Whitehall, Michigan   X


S.088, S.088.1, S.088.2, S.088.3 – Thomas Gale Cottages, Whitehall, Michigan


S.089 – A.W. Hebert Residence remodeling, Evanston, Illinois


S.090 – Darwin D. Martin Gardener’s Cottage, Buffalo, New York


S.091 – J.J. Walser, Jr., Residence, Chicago, Illinois


S.092 – John A. Mosher Residence, Wellington, Ohio


S.093 – Larkin Company Administration Building, Buffalo, New York (demolished


S.093 – furniture


S.094 – Scoville Park Fountain, Oak Park, Illinois


S.095 – Abraham Lincoln Center, Chicago, Illinois O


S.095 – Abraham Lincoln Center – interior views


S.096 – Unity Temple, Oak Park, Illinois – exterior views T  O


                 S.096 – Unity Temple – interior views


S.097 – Robert M. Lamp Residence, Madison, Wisconsin


S.098 – Mrs. Thomas H. Gale Residence, Oak Park, Illinois


S.099 – Burton J. Westcott Residence, Springfield, Ohio T G


S.099A – Westcott pergola & garage


S.100, S.101, & S.102 – Darwin D. Martin Residence, Conservatory & Garage, Buffalo, New York T


S.100 – windows


S.103 – George Barton House, Buffalo, New York


S.103 – furniture


S.104 – Edwin H. Cheney Residence, Oak Park, Illinois


S.105 – William R. Heath Residence, Buffalo, New York


S.107 – Hiram Baldwin Residence, Kenilworth, Illinois


S.108 – Mary M.W. Adams Residence, Highland Park, Illinois


S.109 – William A. Glasner Residence, Glencoe, Illinois


S.111 – First National Bank of Dwight/Frank L. Smith, Dwight, Illinois   O


S.110 – Charles A. Brown Residence, Evanston, Illinois


S.113 – The Rookery Building, Chicago, Illinois  T O


S.114 – E-Z Polish Factory, Chicago, Illinois


S.115 – Thomas P. Hardy Residence, Racine, Wisconsin


S.116 – William H. Pettit Mortuary Chapel, Belvidere, Illinois


S.117 – Peter A. Beachy Residence, Oak Park, Illinois


S.118 – Frederick D. Nichols Residence, Flossmoor, Illinois


S.119 – River Forest Tennis Club, River Forest, Illinois


S.120 – P.D. Hoyt Residence, Geneva, Illinois


S.121 – A.W. Gridley Residence, Batavia, Illinois


S.125 – K.C. DeRhodes Residence, South Bend, Indiana


S.126 – George M. Millard Residence, Highland Park, Illinois


S.127 – Frederick C. Robie Residence, Chicago, Illinois T


S.128 – Ferdinand F. Tomek Residence, Riverside, Illinois


S.129 – George Fabyan remodeling, Geneva, Illinois  T


S.131 – Pebbles & Balch Shop, Oak Park, Illinois (demolished)


S.133 – George Blossom Garage, Chicago, Illinois


S.134 –Andrew T. Porter Residence, Spring Green, Wisconsin


S.135 – Avery Coonley Residence, Riverside, Illinois


S.135 – windows & furniture


S.136 – Avery Coonley Gardener’s Cottage, Riverside, Illinois


S.137 – Avery Coonley Carriage House, Riverside, Illinois


S.138 – Stephen M.B. Hunt Residence #1, La Grange, Illinois


S.139 – G.C. Stockman Residence, Mason City, Iowa  T


S.140 – Raymond W. Evans Residence, Chicago, Illinois


S.146 – E.A. Gilmore “Airplane House,” Madison, Wisconsin


S.148 – Meyer May Residence, Grand Rapids, Michigan T


                 S.148 – Meyer May Residence – interior views


S.149 – Walter V. Davidson Residence, Buffalo, New York


S.150 – Isabel Roberts Residence, River Forest, Illinois


S.151, S.151A & S.151B  – Frank J. Baker Residence, carriage house, & additions, Wilmette, Illinois


S.152 – Clarke Additions to Little Residence I, Peoria, Illinois


S.153 – Oscar Steffens Residence, Chicago, Illinois (demolished)


S.153 – windows


S.155 – City National Bank, Mason City, Iowa  T  O


S.156 – Park Inn Hotel, Mason City, Iowa  T   O


S.156 – Park Inn Hotel – interior views 


S.157 – Law Office Remodeling, Mason City, Iowa  T   O


S.158 – William H. Copeland Residence alterations, Oak Park, Illinois


S.159 – William H. Copeland Garage, Oak Park, Illinois


S.161 – J. Kibben Ingalls Residence, River Forest, Illinois


S.164 – Rev. Jesse R. Ziegler Residence, Frankfort, Kentucky


S.165 & S.165A – Edward P. & Florence Bernice Irving Residence & Garage, Decatur, Illinois


Former S.166 – J.H. Amberg Residence, Grand Rapids, Michigan


S.168 – Oscar B. Balch Residence, Oak Park, Illinois


S.173 – Francis W. Little Residence “NorthomeDeephaven, Minnesota (demolished)


S.173 – windows


S.173 – windows & room reconstruction


S.174 – Avery Coonley Playhouse, Riverside, Illinois


S.174 – windows


S.176 – William B. Greene Residence, Aurora, Illinois


S.177 – Walter Gerts Residence Remodeling, River Forest, Illinois


S.178 – Sherman M. Booth Cottage, Glencoe, Illinois


S.179 & S.179A – Harry S. Adams Residence & Garage, Oak Park, Illinois


S.180 – Midway Gardens, Chicago, Illinois (demolished)


S.180 - Midway Gardens Sprites


S.180 – architectural details


S.183 – A.D. German Warehouse, Richland Center, Wisconsin


S.184 & S.184A – Edward F. Brigham Residence & garage, Glencoe, Illinois


S.185.1, 185.2, 185.3 – Ravine Bluffs Development decorations, Glencoe, Illinois


S.186 – Ravine Bluffs Development bridge, Glencoe, Illinois


S.187 – Sherman M. Booth Residence, Glencoe, Illinois


S.188 – Charles R. Perry Residence, Glencoe, Illinois


S.189 – Hollis P. Root Residence, Glencoe, Illinois


S.190 – William F. Kier Residence, Glencoe, Illinois


S.191 – William F. Ross Residence, Glencoe, Illinois


S.192 – Lute F. & Daniel Kissam Residence, Glencoe, Illinois


S.193 – Emil Bach Residence, Chicago, Illinois  T  R


S.194 – Imperial Hotel, Tokyo, Japan (demolished)


S.194 – furniture and architectural details


S.196 – Frederick C. Bogk Residence, Milwaukee, Wisconsin


S.197 – Ernest Vosburgh Residence, Grand Beach, Michigan


S.198 – Joseph J. Bagley Summer Residence, Grand Beach, Michigan




S.200 through S.433


S.201 – Arthur L. Richards Duplex Apartments, Milwaukee, Wisconsin


Article: American System-Built Homes


S.202.1 – Arthur L. Richards “Small House,” Milwaukee, Wisconsin  T


S.202.2 – Chester Bragg Residence, Berwyn, Illinois


S.203.1 – Arthur L. Richards Demonstration Bungalow, Milwaukee, Wisconsin


S.203.2 – Lewis E. Burleigh Residence, Wilmette, Illinois


S.203.3 – Ida & Grace McElwain Residence, Lake Bluff, Illinois


S.203.5 – Richards “Bungalow,” Berwyn, Illinois


S.203.6 – Richards “Bungalow,” Berwyn, Illinois


S.204.1 – Guy C. Smith Residence, Chicago, Illinois


S.204.2 & S.204.2A – H.H. Hyde Residence & Garage, Chicago, Illinois


S.204.3 – Oscar A. Johnson Residence, Evanston, Illinois


S.204.6 – Charles Heisen Residence, Villa Park, Illinois


S.204.7 – Thomas E. Sullivan Residence, Wilmette, Illinois


S.??? – ASBH Series AA home, Madison, Wisconsin


S.208 – Aline Barnsdall “Hollyhock” House, Los Angeles, California – exterior views T


S.208 – “Hollyhock” House – interior views T


S.209 – Aline Barnsdall “Spring House,” Los Angeles


S.210 – Aline Barnsdall “Residence A,” Los Angeles


Article: Notes about the Southern California properties


S.214 – Alice Millard Residence, Pasadena, California


S.215 – John Storer Residence, Holllywood, California


S.216 – Harriet & Samuel Freeman Residence, Los Angeles, California


S.217 – Mabel & Charles Ennis Residence, Los Angeles, California


S.218 – Taliesin III, Taliesin, Spring Green, Wisconsin  T


S.218 – Taliesin III interior


S.218 - furniture


S.219 – Dam, Taliesin, Spring Green, Wisconsin


S.228, S.228A, S.228B, & S.228C – Taliesin Fellowship Complex, Taliesin, Spring Green, Wisconsin  T


S.229 – Malcolm E. Willey Residence, Minneapolis, Minnesota


S.230 & S.231 – Edgar J. Kaufmann Residence “Fallingwater” & guest house, Mill Run, Pennsylvania T G


S.234 – Herbert Jacobs Residence, Madison, Wisconsin


S.237 – Johnson Wax Building, Racine, Wisconsin  T


S.237A – Johnson Wax Building additions, Racine, Wisconsin  T


S.237 – Furniture


Golden Rondelle Theatre   O


S.238 – Johnson Research Tower, Racine, Wisconsin  T


S.239 – Herbert F. Johnson Residence “Wingspread,” Wind Point, Wisconsin  T


S.239 – “Wingspread” – interior views


S.239 – furniture


S.246 & S.247 – Midway Barns & Dairy and Machine Sheds, Taliesin, Spring Green, Wisconsin   T


S.251 – S.258 – Florida Southern College, Lakeland, Florida  T  O


Article: Wright’s original planning for more structures


Article: How do you “count” the buildings that were actually built?


                S.251 – Pfeiffer Chapel


S.251 – Pfeiffer Chapel – interior views


                S.252 – E.T. Roux Library


S.252 – E.T. Roux Library – interior views & link to museum exhibits at library visitor center


S.253 – Seminar Buildings


S.253.1 – Isabel Walbridge Seminar Building


S.253.2 – Charles W. Hawkins Seminar Building


S.253.3 – Cora Carter Seminar Building


S.253A – Conversion of Seminar Buildings to offices


S.254 – Industrial Arts Building


S.254 – Industrial Arts Building – interior views


S.255 – Administration Buildings area


S.255A – Water Dome


S.255B – Emile E. Watson Administration Building


S.255C – Benjamin Fine Administration Building


S.255C – Fine Admin. Bld. – interior views


S.256 – Polk County Science Building


S.256 – Polk County Science Building – interior views


S.256 – Polk County Science Building – 2nd floor & roofs


S.257 – Esplanades (covered walkways)


S.258 – Danforth Chapel


S.258 – Danforth Chapel - interior views


Faculty Housing/Visitor Center


S.260 – Andrew F.H. Armstrong Residence, Ogden Dunes, Indiana


S.261-S.264, Auldbrass Plantation, Yemassee, South Carolina    X


S.265 & S.266 – Lloyd Lewis Residence & Farm Building, Libertyville, Illinois   X


S.267 – Stanley Rosenbaum Residence, Florence, Alabama  T


S.268 – Pope-Leighey House, Alexandria, Virginia  T G


S.269 – Goetsch-Winckler Residence, Okemos, Michigan


S.272 – George D. Sturges Residence, Brentwood Heights, California


S.273 – John C. Pew Residence, Shorewood Hills, Wisconsin  X


S.274 – Gregor S. Affleck Residence, Bloomfield Hills, Michigan   T


S.274 – Affleck residence – interior views


S.281 – Carlton David Wall Residence (Snowflake), Plymouth, Michigan  X


S.282 – Stuart Richardson Residence, Glen Ridge, New Jersey  X


S.283 – Herbert Jacobs #2, Middleton, Wisconsin   X 


S.287 – Melvyn Maxwell Smith Residence, Bloomfield Hills, Michigan  T 


S.291 – Unitarian Meeting House, Shorewood Hills, Wisconsin  T  O


S.291 – Unitarian Meeting House – interior views


S.292 – Dr. A.H. Bulbulian Residence, Rochester, Minnesota


S.294 – David I. Weisblat Residence, Galesburg, Michigan


S.295 – Eric Pratt Residence, Galesburg, Michigan


S.296 – Samuel Eppstein Residence, Galesburg, Michigan


S.297 – Curtis Meyer Residence, Galesburg, Michigan


S.298 – Robert Levin Residence, Kalamazoo, Michigan


S.299 – Ward McCartney Residence, Kalamazoo, Michigan  X


S.300 – Eric V. Brown Residence, Kalamazoo, Michigan  X


S.301 – Robert D. Winn Residence, Kalamazoo, Michigan


S.302 – Herman T. Mossberg Residence, South Bend, Indiana


S.308 – Albert Adelman Residence, Fox Point, Wisconsin


S.311 – Charles E. Weltzheimer Residence, Oberlin, Ohio  T


S.312 – Erling P. Brauner Residence, Okemos, Michigan


S.312 – Mailbox detail


S.313 – James Edwards Residence, Okemos, Michigan


S.314 – Henry J. Neils Residence, Minneapolis, Minnesota


S.315 – Howard Anthony Residence, Benton Harbor, Michigan


S.319 – Kenneth Laurent Residence, Rockford, Illinois   T


S.321 –Thomas E. Keys Residence, Rochester, Minnesota


S.323 – John Haynes Residence, Fort Wayne, Indiana


S.324 & S.324A – Dr. Richard & Madelyn Davis Residence, Marion, Indiana


S.327 – John O. Carr Residence, Glenview, Illinois     X


S.328 – Donald Schaberg Residence, Okemos, Michigan


S.329 – Ina Moriss Harper Residence, Saint Joseph, Michigan


S.330 – Robert & Gloria Berger Residence, San Anselmo, California


S.330A – Eddie’s Doghouse (touring)


S.332 – William Palmer Residence, Ann Arbor, Michigan  X R


S.334 – Robert & Elizabeth Muirhead Residence, Hampshire, Illinois   T


S.336 – S.P. Elam Residence, Austin, Minnesota


S.337 – Bernice & Richard Smith Residence, Jefferson, Wisconsin


S.339 – Seamour & Gerte Shavin Residence, Chattanooga, Tennessee


S.341 – Charles F. Glore Residence, Lake Forest, Illinois


S.342 – Kinney Residence, Lancaster, Wisconsin


S.343 – Nathan & Jeanne Rubin Residence, Canton, Ohio X


S.345 – Gabrielle & Charlcey Austin Residence, Greenville, South Carolina   X


Former S.348 – Wetmore Auto Service Station interior renovations, Ferndale, Michigan O


S.353 – R.W. Lindholm Residence, Cloquet, Minnesota  X


S.356 – Anderton Court Shops, Beverly Hills, California O


S.359 – Clifton & George Lewis Residence (“Spring House”), Tallahassee, Florida X


S.362 – John J. & Syd Dobkins Residence, Canton, Ohio


S.364 – Lewis H. Goddard Residence, Plymouth, Michigan  X


S.367 – Riverview Terrace Restaurant, Spring Green, Wisconsin O G


S.367 – Riverview Terrace Restaurant – interior views


S.368 – Karen Johnson Residence, Racine, Wisconsin


S.371 – Alice & Ellis A. Feiman Residence, Canton, Ohio


S.376 – Louis B. Fredrick Residence, Barrington Hills, Illinois   X


S.377 – I.N. Hagan Residence (Kentuck Knob), Chalkhill, Pennsylvania T G


S.379 – Cedric G. Boulter Residence, Cincinnati, Ohio


S.382 – Municipal Art Gallery (Hollyhock House garage/motor court), Los Angeles, California  O


S.386 – Gerald B. Tonkens Residence, Amberley Village, Ohio


S.388 – Dorothy H. Turkel Residence, Detroit, Michigan


S.393 – Robert H. Sunday Residence, Marshalltown, Iowa


S.394 – Warren Scott remodeling of S.150, River Forest, Illinois


S.397 – Meyers Medical Clinic, Dayton, Ohio O


S.398 – Paul J. & Ida Trier Residence, Johnston, Iowa


S.399 – Annunciation Greek Orthodox Church, Wauwatosa, Wisconsin O


S.400 – Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, New York, New York O G


S.401 – Wyoming Valley Grammar School, Wyoming Valley, Wisconsin  O


S.401 – Wyoming Valley Grammar School – interior views


S.403 – Allen Friedman Residence, Bannockburn, Illinois  


S.406 – Eugene VanTamelen Residence, Madison, Wisconsin X


Article: Marshall Erdman Prefabricated Homes


S.409.1 – Carl Post Residence, Barrington Hills, Illinois


S.411.1 – Joseph Mollica Residence, Bayside, Wisconsin


S.412.1 – Walter Rudin Residence, Madison, Wisconsin


S.412.2 – James B. McBean Residence, Rochester, Minnesota


S.414 – R.W. Lindholm Service Station, Cloquet, Minnesota  O


S.424 – Fasbender Medical Clinic, Hastings, Minnesota  O


S.424 – Fasbender Medical Clinic – interior views


S.426 – Carl Schultz Residence, Saint Joseph, Michigan


S.427 – Paul Olfelt Residence, St. Louis Park, Minnesota


S.430 – Seth Petersen Cottage, Lake Delton, Wisconsin R T



Unnumbered structures & Miscellaneous:


Where was Frank Lloyd Wright born?  Seven guesses.


Monona Terrace, Madison, Wisconsin O G


Model – Ludd M. Spivey Cottage, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida (unconstructed)


Faculty Housing/Visitor Center – Florida Southern College, Lakeland, Florida  G T


Legoland Florida, Winter Haven, Florida   O


Ingwald Moe Residence, Gary, Indiana


Eddie’s Doghouse (touring) 


William Street and Clinton Place, River Forest, Illinois


Furniture unattributed to specific buildings


Moving the Irving Residence designed by Wright protιgι John Van Bergen


Legacy projects – Wright designs built after his death


Disney California Adventure homage to Storer Residence   O


Newly discovered ASBH home in Madison, Wisconsin


(Apprentice) Alden B. Dow designs in Grosse Pointe, Michigan


T4817 - drawings from unbuilt Talbot Smith Residence, Ann Arbor, Michigan




G – a full on-site gift shop is available; other properties may sell souvenirs, but not offer a wide selection

O – buildings that are open to the public (generally businesses and churches)

R – buildings you can rent for overnight accommodations

T – buildings with public guided or self-guided tours

X – buildings that are shrouded in trees and may be more visible after the leaves have dropped


I welcome any updated info, particularly regarding tours and gift shops





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