List of Marshall Erdman & Associates prefabricated homes

designed by Frank Lloyd Wright


Forty years after plans to build prefab homes with developer Arthur L. Richards’ American System-Built Homes company fizzled, Wright teamed with Marshall Erdman & Associates to bring inexpensive houses to 1950s America. 


This list is compiled from Prof. Storrer’s guide book.  Links are shown for those I have photographed.  Each basic design has its own number in the Storrer guide.  When multiple homes have been built from the same plans, he has added a decimal suffix. 


S.406 – Marshall Erdman & Associates Prefab #1 original model – 3 bedroom with carport

S.406 – Eugene Van Tamelen Residence, Madison, Wisconsin

S.407 – Marshall Erdman & Associates Prefab #1 – 3 bedroom with basement

S.407.1 – Dr. Arnold & Lora Jackson Residence, Madison, Wisconsin – moved to Beaver Dam, Wisconsin

S.407.2 – Elizabeth & Don C. Duncan Residence, Johnstown, Pennsylvania

S.408 – Marshall Erdman & Associates Prefab #1– 4 bedroom with garage & exposed basement

S.408.1 – Frank Iber Residence, Stevens Point, Wisconsin

S.409 - Marshall Erdman & Associates Prefab #1 – 4 bedroom with enlarged master bedroom & exposed basement

S.409.1 – Carl Post Residence, Barrington Hills, Illinois

S.409.2 – William & Catherine Cass Residence, Richmond, New York

S.410 – Marshall Erdman & Associates Prefab #1– 4 bedroom with carport, enclosed basement, and mud room

S.410 – Celeste & Socrates Zaferiou Residence, Blauvelt, New York

S.411 – Marshall Erdman & Associates Prefab #1 mirrored plan – with exposed basement & utility room

S.411.1 – Joseph Mollica Residence, Bayside, Wisconsin

S.411.2 – Dr. Edward & Laura Jane LaFond Residence, St. Joseph, Minnesota

S.412 – Marshall Erdman & Associates Prefab #2

S.412.1 – Mary Ellen & Walter Rudin residence, Madison, Wisconsin

S.412.2 – James B. McBean residence, Rochester, Minnesota










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