S.039 – Henry & Lily Mitchell Residence,

905 (South) Main Street, Racine, Wisconsin


Racine is home to several Wright designs, notably the nearby S.C. Johnson Company’s headquarters.  Main Street runs north/south, roughly parallel to the Lake Michigan shoreline, and is home to two Wright designs.  If you visit the Johnson company buildings and drive the six short blocks to the lake, you will first encounter the Thomas P. Hardy residence (S.115) at the corner of Main and 14th Street.  Five blocks north, at 9th Street, is found this 1894 design.  It is located on the corner, which affords many excellent views. 


Omitted from early editions of Prof. Storrer’s works, this house was added to his guidebook when restoration of the home revealed Wright’s involvement.  Its inclusion as a Wright work is hotly contested by some researchers specializing in Wisconsin properties.  Sometimes these disagreements are a matter of degree – they agree Wright’s studio may have been involved, but dispute whether Wright can take the majority of credit.  It is not included within the archives, and thus does not have an “Opus” number. 


There is a stable/garage at the rear of the property in an identical style.


Photographed on May 10, 2012. 







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