S.214 – Alice Millard Residence (“La Miniatura”),

645 Prospect Crescent, Pasadena, California


Article: Notes about the Southern California properties


George and Alice Millard lived for seven years in a Wright design in Highland Park, Illinois (S.126).  They moved to Pasadena in 1913.  After George died, Alice had Wright design a new home for her.  Named “La Miniatura,” the home sits on a hill, with two stories visible on the lower level.  In retrospect, Wright considered this his first Usonian design.  Son Lloyd Wright designed the landscaping and the building to the left, a studio.


From the upper level on Prospect Crescent, only the top floor and the service entry is visible.  The street running parallel to Prospect Crescent, though, has a barely visible gateway constructed in the same block design as the house.  If you look through the gate, you will see the entire courtyard view, as shown in the top photograph.  Although trees block much of the view, you can see one face of the Lloyd Wright studio, probably 80% of the main house façade, and a pool.  That gate is directly opposite 607 Rosemont Avenue.


Photographed on January 27, 2015.





Upper level views from Prospect Crescent:


IMG_7428.JPG  IMG_7398.JPG




IMG_7400.JPG  IMG_7408.JPG




Lower level views from Rosemont Avenue:



The gate




IMG_7426.JPG  IMG_7427.JPG


Gate posts and steps to yard:


IMG_7424.JPG  IMG_7418.JPG  IMG_7423.JPG


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