S.040 – Charles E. Roberts Residence Remodeling,

321 North Euclid Avenue, Oak Park, Illinois


S.041 – Charles E. Roberts Stable,

317 North Euclid Avenue, Oak Park, Illinois




According to William Allin Storrer, remodeling was confined to the interior and is not visible from outside.  The house (S.040) remains intact, and is shown here for reference. 


Photographed on September 1, 2009. 


A stable that was converted to a residence by architect Charles E. White, Jr., apparently shows no visible marks from Wright’s earlier work, although it receives a separate listing in Storrer’s books (S.041).


Both share the same Project number: T.9603





Table designed for Roberts remodeling, displayed at Art Institute of Chicago.  Photographed November 10, 2013.







S.041 – Charles E. Roberts Stable, 317 North Euclid Avenue, Oak Park, Illinois


Prof. Storrer indicates some uncertainty over Wright’s involvement with this structure.  He notes that drawings have not been found, but local documentation suggests Wright designed a stable in 1900 to replace an existing barn.  As the automobile age took hold, the stable apparently was turned into a garage to house Mr. Roberts’ motor car.  The stable/garage was remodeled in 1929 by Charles E. White, Jr. – who worked in Wright’s office and married the owner’s daughter (Alice Roberts).  After working for Wright, White set up his own office and residence at the Charles E. Roberts residence, 321 North Euclid (S.040).  Eventually the stable/garage became an entire residence with a separate address, as it exists today.


So the question is this: Did Wright actually design a stable in 1900, and, if so, how much survived Mr. White’s entry into the Roberts family and his subsequent remodeling in 1929?


With all these question marks duly noted, the building as it exists today is presented.


Photographed on August 30, 2009. 






Alley view of the rear






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