S.208 – Aline Barnsdall “Hollyhock” House,

4808 Hollywood Boulevard, Los Angeles, California


S.382 – Garage/Municipal Art Gallery


The garage building is its own work of art, occupying two stories.  A covered walkway (esplanade) extends from the garage to the house. 


Photographed on January 27, 2015 and in February 2005.


In 1954 the garage was converted into what was known locally as the Municipal Art Gallery to display an international traveling exhibition entitled Sixty Years of Living Architecture.  The motor court area was a lecture hall (up to the wall displaying the Theodore Barnsdall plaque), and the esplanade covered the ticket counter and a model of Wright’s Broadacre City.  The lecture room was a temporary structure designed by Wright. 


He also designed a similar exhibition structure in New York City for the same traveling show (S.370).  That New York site also displayed the “exhibition house” (S.369), a full-sized Usonian model.  The New York exhibit was, of course, temporary, and its site now houses the Guggenheim Museum (S.400).


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Architectural details being stored near garage


IMG_7594.JPG  IMG_7595.JPG

Walkway to house


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2005 Photos:




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