S.110 – Charles A. Brown Residence,

2420 Harrison Street, Evanston, Illinois


Surrounded by evergreens, it is difficult to get a clear view of this 1905 design.  There are some limited rear views from a nearby cross-street and from the alley.  


This design was adapted for construction in Gary, Indiana by Ingwald Moe, who later acquired a franchise to sell ASB homes.  It has not been assigned a number by Prof. Storrer, in large part because the house in Gary has large corner supports for the roof rather than a cantilever design as seen here on the Brown residence – leading him to doubt Wright’s involvement.  An internet article takes a contrary approach, and endorses the Moe residence as a Wright project delegated to others for supervision.


Photographed on May 10, 2012. 






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Views from McDaniel Avenue and alley


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