S.399 – Annunciation Greek Orthodox Church,

9400 West Congress Street, Wauwatosa, Wisconsin




Photographed on May 11, 2012.  The church is one of Wright’s most famous designs, and deservedly so.  Located in a Milwaukee suburb, its round shape and reflecting pool make it one of the most beautiful buildings to photograph.  It is hard to get a bad shot, with access all around the exterior.  Clear blue skies cannot be guaranteed, however.


To me, this building inspires more contemplation and reflection than any Wright design, other than Fallingwater.  Standard Wright touches take on a whole new meaning when I see this church.  The planters – merely vessels for foliage at other Wright designs – become offering dishes to God.  The ubiquitous “water feature” hint at baptism when displayed in front of a church.  Even the unique features, such as the roof line, take on a significance that may or may not have been intended (for example, despite the Orthodox preference for two-dimensional iconography, is the roofline a massive three-dimensional crown of thorns?).


Alas, while limited tours can be arranged for groups of 15 or more, the building is otherwise closed to the public except during church functions.







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