S.031 – Edward C. Waller Apartments,

2840 through 2858 West Walnut Street, Chicago, Illinois




Edward C. Waller was an important client and contact for Wright.  He commissioned the Francisco Terrace Apartments (see S.030), and his son developed Midway Gardens (S.180).  Waller also owned the River Forest property where Wright remodeled Waller’s main residence (S.047, demolished), designed entry gates (S.065) and designed the Winslow Residence (S.024).  Wright also designed a bathhouse for Waller’s summer getaway in Charlevoix, Michigan (S.166, destroyed by fire in 1922 or 1923).


These apartments are around the corner from where the Francisco Terrace Apartments were located; it is not a good area for tourists to feel completely safe.  Some of the early FLW works on the west side do not receive the care the properties in nearby Oak Park receive.


Photographed on August 30, 2009. 


Project number: T.9504



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