S.063 John A. Mosher Residence,

629 or 631 South Main Street (State Highway 58), Wellington, Ohio



This is a relatively recent discovery, once rejected by Prof. Storrer but now adopted by him as a Wright design due to analysis of the interior layout. Built in 1902, this house is located south of Wellington. There are stories that this was a prefab that was shipped to Ohio for construction. It does not fit within the time periods that Wright designed so-called prefabs, though. See this article for the first series of prefabs (Wright prefabs were not built in a central location for shipment to their sites; instead, he prepared standard designs for a builder who would obtain the materials locally).


Its location between a Fraternal Order of Eagles lodge and a tractor dealership allows viewers to virtually circle the house to get great views. The house is owned by the Eagles and rented out.


Initial reports assigned S.092 as its Storrer catalog number. In the 4th edition of The Architecture of Frank Lloyd Wright A Complete Catalog, the catalog number was finalized as S.063. Additionally, the address was clarified from 631 to 629 S. Main Street. If you use Google Maps, though, 629 will not appear, and 631 will take you to the Eagles lodge immediately behind this house. So use 631 when searching the map!


You will find the house number 629 used various times along Highway 58 as the addresses reset in various jurisdictions. This house is south of Wellington near the farm implements dealer, Eagles hall, and a Dollar General store. Some other websites have an incorrect address (23467) that points you a mile or so away.


Photographed on December 8, 2015.











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