S.265 – Lloyd Lewis Residence,

Little St. Mary’s Road, Libertyville, Illinois (exact address unconfirmed)


Many sources have this located at 153 Little St. Mary’s Road, but the area switched to five-digit addresses several years ago.  I had listed the address as 15055 Little St. Mary’s Road, but based on discussions on “The Wright Attitude” Facebook group, I am convinced the overgrown property I photographed on May 10, 2012 is not the Wright design.  It appears the house is close to the river and – as Heinz confirms in the Frank Lloyd Wright Field Guide – not visible from the road.


It is not too far from I-94 or the Wright properties in Lake Bluff (S.203.3) and Lake Forest (S.341). 


The farm building (S.266) is also not visible from the road.




15055 Little St. Mary’s Road – not the Wright design



New 05/19/2012

Revised 05/30/2016