S.323 – John Haynes Residence, 3901 North Washington Road,

Fort Wayne, Indiana


This small Usonian was built in 1950.  The Haynes family had a second home built next door (not designed by Wright).  It is a circular home, but is concealed from the street by a stockade fence.


The house was available for rentals and dinner engagements.  In August 2014, it was noticed that the house’s website has been closed down; it apparently is no longer available for rentals.  Although the house had a historic designation of the property per the owner’s request (which was granted by the city), in 2010 he asked that the designation be revoked.  He did not provide an explanation for his decision, and the city rejected the request.  He has filed repeated requests to de-list the property and has more recently suggested that the historic listing has precluded him from selling the house.  Each has been turned down. 


The owner of this home requested that photos and the home’s address not be displayed.  I initially honored that request, but the repeated requests to have the historic designation removed from the property has resulted in numerous public documents and newspaper articles displaying the address and photographs.  As a result, I am presenting my photos as well.


Photographed on July 28, 2013. 











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