Domino’s Pizza Collection, Ann Arbor, Michigan

Drawings, Windows & Trim


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It is well known that Domino’s Pizza founder Tom Monaghan amassed an impressive collection of Wright artifacts.  Most were sold to help fund Monaghan’s other aspirations. 


Wright fans were surprised in 2017 to learn that Domino’s had kept some artifacts.  While it is not known precisely what other pieces remain in the collection, the display at Domino’s headquarters showed about a dozen windows, half a dozen models, and dozens of photos, sketches, posters, and other paper materials. 


Although the glare from the glass is substantial, I tried to photograph each window and model.  I skipped most of the photos and prints from the Wasmuth portfolio, but did take pictures of the drawings for the unbuilt Talbot Smith residence in Ann Arbor. 


Photos attributable to specific projects will also be included on their respective pages.  This page is intended as a fairly comprehensive review of the collection displayed in summer 2017. 


In May 2018 Sotheby’s announced that key windows would be sold at auction that month, and that 60 other items had been sold directly to the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York.  It appears this collection has been gutted, but it cannot be confirmed until the list of Met acquisitions is released or the remaining collection (if any) in Ann Arbor is visibly reviewed.  The entire 6-page Sotheby’s press release is available on my website for viewing or download.


Photographed on June 14 and 22, 2017.



T.4817 – drawings for unbuilt Talbot Smith Residence, Ann Arbor, Michigan

Cropped photos showing greater detail are found on the page devoted to this project


SmithD.jpg  SmithB.jpg


IMG_0245.CR2.jpg  IMG_0250.CR2.jpg


S.174 – windows from Coonley Playhouse, Riverside, Illinois

In 2018 it was announced that 7 windows from the Playhouse still owned by

Domino’s or Tom Monaghan would be auctioned








S.136 – windows from Coonley gardener’s cottage, Riverside, Illinois

These are also being auctioned in May 2018


Coonely1a.second.JPG  Coonley2a.second.JPG




S.100 – door pane from Darwin D. Martin Residence, Buffalo, New York


martin.desscrip.JPG  Martin1ab.JPG


S.171 – windows from Hotel Geneva (Lake Geneva Hotel), Lake Geneva, Wisconsin






S.052 – window from B. Harley Bradley Residence, Kankakee, Illinois


Bradley.descrip.JPG  Bradley1a.JPG


S.173 – windows and doors from Francis W. Little Residence (II), Deephaven, Minnesota


Little1.CR2.jpg  Little.descrip.JPG


S.070 – window from Francis W. Little Residence (I), Peoria, Illinois






S.038 – wood trim from Isadore H. Heller Residence, Chicago, Illinois







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