S.356 – Anderton Court Shops,

332 North Rodeo Drive, Beverly Hills, California


Article: Notes about the Southern California properties


The Anderton Court Shops (named for their original owner, Nina Anderton) are the “newest” of the Los Angeles Wright designs, dating to 1952.  In the heart of the upscale Rodeo Drive shopping area, this building includes a few features that found use in other buildings – notably the ramp-style walkway that was later used at the Guggenheim Museum.  Here the ramp is a tightly-wound series of diamond shapes that surround a small open courtyard below.  Planters and a now-dry pool can be found at various levels.


The building’s ramp is open to the public, but the shops are locked.  Merchandise precludes a good view of much of the interior details (at least through the windows).  Affordable on-street metered parking is available in the area.


Photographed on January 27, 2015.





IMG_7664.JPG  IMG_7670.JPG

The angular detail (right) reminds me of the esplanades at Florida Southern College


IMG_7665.JPG  IMG_7666.JPG  IMG_7667.JPG


IMG_7668.JPG  IMG_7669.JPG  IMG_7673.JPG


IMG_7671.JPG  IMG_7672.JPG

Top level


IMG_7674.JPG  IMG_7675.JPG

Right: dry pool


IMG_7676.JPG  IMG_7677.JPG


IMG_7678.JPG  IMG_7679.JPG




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IMG_7687.JPG  IMG_7686.JPG  IMG_7688.JPG


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IMG_7690.JPG  IMG_7693.JPG


IMG_7694.JPG  IMG_7696.JPG

Decorative non-functional steps and planters at the bottom of the ramp


IMG_7697.JPG  IMG_7698.JPG


IMG_7700.JPG  IMG_7699.JPG

Street-level views


IMG_7702.JPG  IMG_7703.JPG  IMG_7704.JPG


IMG_7701.JPG  IMG_7705.JPG  


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