S.089 – A.W. Hebert Residence Remodeling,

1014 Hinman Avenue, Evanston, Illinois




A.W. Hebert’s nephew, John H. Howe, was Wright’s chief draftsman.  In 1902 Wright was engaged to remodel the home to show a prairie influence.  According to Prof. Storrer, the second floor was largely remodeled after a 1959 fire and Wright’s influence was substantially altered.  There are other, more substantial, Wright designs in Evanston (Brown, S.110, and Johnson, S.204.3).


Hebert owned numerous properties in the area.  Wright also remodeled some in 1902 to give them more of a prairie look.  Thomas A. Heinz in his Frank Lloyd Wright Field Guide identifies properties at 1300-02 Davis Street, 1713 Asbury Avenue, and 1308 Asbury Avenue. He also identifies more than a half-dozen other houses that deserve additional research to determine whether Wright may have had a hand.


Photographed on May 10, 2012. 


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