S.353 – R.W. Lindholm Residence, formerly located at

1201 Route 33, Cloquet, Minnesota (removed)


Wright designed this home for the owner of a service station in Cloquet, west of Duluth.  Wright also designed Lindholm’s service station, built four years later (S.414). 


In 2016 this residence was quietly dismantled and shipped to Pennsylvania for reconstruction at the Polymath Park, which already has one Wright design (the Duncan Residence, S.407.2).   


The residence was located in a stand of trees, next to a strip mall, but some distance from the road.  It could not be seen from the road, nor could it be seen from the strip mall (which is bordered by a tall wood fence). 


Photographed on May 14, 2012. 



Yes, that little brown spot near the center was the house. 



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