S.216 – Harriet & Samuel Freeman Residence,

1962 Glencoe Way, Los Angeles, California


Article: Notes about the Southern California properties




You are viewing the service side of this structure, which is now owned by the University of Southern California.  A stairway leads down to a patio that is part of the better view – peeking out from the Hollywood Heights section south of the Hollywood Bowl and a few blocks north of Hollywood Boulevard.  I will have to check next time whether this view can be seen from below – Google Maps’ street view does not clearly show whether it might be seen in the distance from the corner of Highland and Franklin, and it’s not exactly an intersection where you can just park your car and explore. 


The university is renovating the house after earthquake damage, and hopes to use it for meetings and occasional visiting faculty housing.   Photographed on January 27, 2015.





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IMG_7631.JPG  IMG_7629.JPG


IMG_7632.JPG  IMG_7634.JPG

A partial view through the fence of the lower level


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