S.070 – Frances W. & Mary Little Residence I

1503 West Moss Avenue, Peoria, Illinois

S.071 – Stable; S.152 – Additions to stable


Built in 1902, this house sits on the corner of West Moss Avenue and North Institute Place, allowing views from two streets plus the alley.  Photographed on August 2, 2014.





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S.071 – Stable

S.152 – Addition to Stable


In 1909 the Little Residence was sold to Cora G. Clarke.  She and her husband, Robert D. Clarke, had Wright revise the stable, turning it into living space.  The upper area of the main structure was turned into living space.  The area at the left of the photo shows an added section that contained new stable stalls to make up for the converted living space.  The other end – which cannot be seen from the street but is visible in the alley – contains car repair workspace (including an oil change pit).


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View from alley


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Furniture display located at Minneapolis Institute of Arts,

2400 3rd Avenue South, Minneapolis, Minnesota




Photographed on May 13, 2012.  The art museum in Minneapolis has a collection of Prairie-style furniture, windows, and house models on its second floor.  Both Little residences are represented (the other is S.173), as are the George Barton Residence (S.103) and items from the Minneapolis Purcell-Cutts home (designed by William Gray Purcell and George Grant Elmslie).


Two chairs from the first Little residence are included in the museum’s collection.



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