S.209 – Aline Barnsdall Spring House,

4808 Hollywood Boulevard, Los Angeles, California




Some things are not always clear.  To me, the Spring House was one of them.


Let’s start with the fact that the Spring House is not a house.  It is a pumping station for water.  My first tour of Hollyhock House in 2005 didn’t even mention this or the “Residence A” structures – I think docents emphasized Hollyhock House and its spectacular design to the point where they may have believed everyone attended to see that structure and nothing else.


The second confusing fact stems from the layout of this hillside complex.  Although the park’s map clearly shows the Spring House, the elevations are confusing.  In 2015, I went to the lower road only to find that I had to climb stairs up to Hollyhock House’s level.  I could have stayed at the upper level and found this structure just beyond the wall that helps define the main house’s space.


The Spring House (#9 on the map below, highlighted in yellow) is nestled behind one of the three buildings that make up the Junior Arts Center & Barnsdall Art Center, essentially classrooms and workshops for art students.  Shown as part of # 8 on the map, the building on the left is reached via the lower level roadway.  The two buildings on the right are closer to the upper level, and can be reached from either level via walkways and steps.


Unlike the main house, the Spring House has not received recent rehabilitation.  Its location possibly shields it from the elements, as it does not look too bad.  Like “Residence A,” though, it appears to have frequent visits from the homeless.


Photographed on January 27, 2015.








View from the Arts buildings (#8 on the map)



View from the lawn of Hollyhock House – only the roof is visible



View from walkway ramp connecting the Arts buildings to the lawn level of Hollyhock House


IMG_7616.JPG  IMG_7613.JPG


IMG_7619.JPG  IMG_7620.JPG


IMG_7621.JPG  IMG_7622.JPG

Service door (left) and small pool area




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