S.178 – Sherman M. Booth Cottage,

239 Franklin Road, Glencoe, Illinois




It is believed that this structure was moved to its current location in 1916, five years after it was built.  It is the earliest Wright design in the Ravine Bluffs subdivision (S.185 through S.192), which was developed by Sherman M. Booth, and was intended as temporary housing while the rest of the complex was being built.


The property sold in May 2019.  The buyer immediately filed an application for demolition with the village, which is placed on 6-month hold due to the historic designation.  It appears the action would need to be approved by the village’s Historic Preservation Commission (link to meeting Agenda page).  Although moving the cottage to Park District land was discussed at a February 2019 meeting in anticipation of its sale and potential demolition request, the park district reportedly rejected the request. 


Photographed on May 10, 2012. 


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