S.208 – Aline Barnsdall “Hollyhock” House,

4808 Hollywood Boulevard, Los Angeles, California


Article: Notes about the Southern California properties




Hollyhock House was designed to anchor of a complex of multiple art-related buildings.  The complex is reached via an entrance on Hollywood Boulevard near Vermont Avenue.  As you can see from the map below, a road circles the property.  That road is designated as “lower” and “upper,” although it is the same road.  It reaches its apex at Hollyhock House, and then descends to the lower road at about 2:00 on the map.  If you visit, you will have no trouble finding Residence A or Hollyhock.  It takes a bit of effort to find the Spring House, though.


The main house (S.208), built in 1917, is open for public tours.  A garage sits opposite a large forecourt and covered walkway.  This area was converted in 1954 to use as an exhibition area for an international traveling exhibit, Sixty Years of Living Architecture (S.382), but is now a garage and motor court.  The “Spring House” (S.209) was built in 1920.  It is situated partway up Olive Hill, and its roof can be seen from the wall that surrounds Hollyhock House.  “Residence A” (S.210) was also built in 1920, and is on the lower level road the hill.  “Residence B” (S.211) was built in 1920 at the base of the hill on Vermont Avenue and Hollywood Boulevard; it has been demolished, and that area is now populated by strip malls.


From this location, you can see (in the distance) the Ennis house (S.217), the Griffith Park Observatory, and the Hollywood sign.


According to the official website, photography is no longer allowed on the public tours.  Although closed for long-term renovations, it has reopened to the public in mid-February 2015.  You can still view various parts of the exterior without taking the tour.  These photos were snapped on January 27, 2015 and in February 2005.




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2015 Photos – still surrounded by construction fences




IMG_7530.JPG  IMG_7566.JPG


IMG_7560.JPG  IMG_7556.JPG


IMG_7559.JPG  IMG_7575.JPG


IMG_7549.JPG  IMG_7535.JPG


IMG_7536.JPG  IMG_7531.JPG


IMG_7547.JPG  IMG_7550.JPG


IMG_7543.JPG  IMG_7548.JPG


IMG_7563.JPG  IMG_7573.JPG


2005 Photos 


100_0283.JPG  100_0363.JPG




100_0275.JPG  100_0277.JPG


100_0278.JPG  100_0279.JPG


100_0311.JPG  100_0313.JPG


100_0318.JPG  100_0319.JPG


  100_0282.JPG  100_0280.JPG  100_0320.JPG




100_0317.JPG  100_0344.JPG


100_0349.JPG  100_0357.JPG






100_0334.JPG  100_0333.JPG


100_0337.JPG  100_0335.JPG


100_0351.JPG  100_0348.JPG  100_0323.JPG


100_0345.JPG  100_0290.JPG  100_0287.JPG


100_0365.JPG  ennis.jpg

Griffith Park Observatory (left) and Ennis House (S.217), as seen from Hollyhock House



Hollywood sign as seen from Hollyhock House (with my two young architecture tourists)


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