S.026 – Robert W. Roloson Rowhouses remodeling,

3213-3219 South Calumet Avenue, Chicago, Illinois


S.026.1 – 3213 South Calumet Avenue

S.026.2 – 3215 South Calumet Avenue

S.026.3 – 3217 South Calumet Avenue

S.026.4 – 3219 South Calumet Avenue




Wright remodeled this set of four rowhouses on Chicago’s near south side in 1894.  Looking left to right (north to south), the individual units are numbered by Prof. Storrer as S.026.1 through S.026.4.  The backs of these properties face Martin Luther King Drive. 


The city’s plaque erroneously implies that Wright designed this project from the ground-up. 


Photographed on May 10, 2012. 


Project number: T.9404




100_2451.JPG  100_2455.JPG


S.026.1 – 3213 Calumet Avenue 


100_2447.JPG  100_2458.JPG


100_2457.JPG  100_2459.JPG

Right: north side of 3213 Calumet Ave. with non-Wright garage addition


S.026.2 – 3215 Calumet Avenue 


100_2456.JPG  100_2463.JPG

Right: rear of 3215 & 3213 Calumet Ave.




S.026.3 – 3217 Calumet Avenue 


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S.026.4 – 3219 Calumet Avenue 


100_2448.JPG  100_2449.JPG


100_2452.JPG  100_2462.JPG




Balusters on exhibit at Art Institute of Chicago, photographed August 10, 2013:


100_9590.JPG  100_9589.JPG


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