S.097 – Robert M. Lamp Residence, 22 North Butler Street, Madison, Wisconsin


Nestled behind two other houses in an area that seems dedicated to boarding students at nearby University of Wisconsin, the home is within a couple blocks of the beautiful Wisconsin state capitol (another FLW design within the shadow of a capitol: the Ziegler residence in Frankfort, Kentucky [S.164]).  Side views can be gained from the cross street.  This house was designed by Wright for a childhood friend, “Robie” Lamp, and dates to around 1903.


A century later, redevelopment of this entire block threatened to affect the Lamp house, although demolition was apparently not in the cards.  The Madison city government was in the process of responding in 2014.  A committee report recommended some restrictions to assure that the view of the house toward Lake Mendota would remain undisturbed.  The recommendation had not yet been converted into an ordinance or other action.  Preservation efforts received a “shot in the arm,” though, when that report was accepted by city council. 


Photographed on August 28, 2009. 






View from the street: the Lamp house is located at the end of the driveway and is seen in the center of the photograph




100_9401.JPG  100_9401.JPG


100_9404.JPG  100_9403.JPG




100_9407.JPG  100_9408.JPG  

Partial views of the back and side from the cross street


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