S.268 – Pope-Leighey House, Woodlawn Plantation,

9000 Richmond Highway, Alexandria, Virginia


The house was originally constructed in 1941 for Washington Evening Star editor Loren Pope and his wife Charlotte and was located in nearby Falls Church (1005 Locust Street).  Mr. Pope requested a small office and two bedrooms.  Very small in size (less than 1200 square feet), the Pope family owned the house for only five years.  It was sold in 1946 to Robert and Marjorie Leighey. 


The house stood in the path of the I-66 freeway.  The owners appealed to the government to move the planned freeway to no avail.  Their fight motivated Congress to enact the National Historic Preservation Act – quite an achievement for a home that was only 25 years old at the time.  Nonetheless, the property was condemned, prompting Mrs. Leighey to donate the home to the National Trust for relocation to Woodlawn Plantation, a historic site once owned by George Washington.  Mrs. Leighey continued to live in the house until her death in 1983.


The house was moved once again (in 1995) when it was determined its foundation was faulty.  It was then shifted about 30 feet away to its current location.


In recognition of Mrs. Leighey’s efforts, this is the only FLW property that takes the second owner’s name as part of its title.


Public tours are available.  Photography is not permitted indoors.  Photographed on May 25, 2013.






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Unusual vertical cutouts


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The enclosed porch is part of the original design.  It employs copper screening.


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