Geographical Index – Illinois

Oak Park City Limits

S.002 & S.003 – Frank Lloyd Wright home & playroom addition, Oak Park

S.004 – Frank Lloyd Wright Studio & garage addition, Oak Park

S.016 – Thomas H. Gale Residence, Oak Park

S.017 – R.P. Parker Residence, Oak Park

S.020 – Walter M. Gale Residence, Oak Park

S.023 – Francis Wooley Residence, Oak Park

S.030 – Francisco Terrace Apartments, Oak Park

S.034 – Nathan G. Moore Residence, Oak Park

S.035 – Nathan G. Moore Stable, Oak Park

S.036 – Harrison Young Residence Alterations, Oak Park

S.040 – Charles E. Roberts Residence Remodeling, Oak Park

S.041 – Charles E. Roberts Stable Remodeling, Oak Park

S.042 – Harry C. Goodrich Residence, Oak Park

S.043 – George Furbeck Residence, Oak Park

S.044 – Rollin Furbeck Residence, Oak Park

S.045 – George W. Smith Residence, Oak Park

S.051 – Edward R. Hills Residence, Oak Park

S.058, S.059, & S.060 – William G. Fricke/Emma Martin Residence, Alterations & Garage, Oak Park

S.061 – William E. Martin Residence, Oak Park

S.067 – Frank Wright Thomas Residence, Oak Park

S.074 – Arthur Heurtley Residence, Oak Park

S.094 – Scoville Park Fountain, Oak Park

S.096 – Unity Temple, Oak Park

S.098 – Mrs. Thomas H. Gale Residence, Oak Park

S.104 – Edwin H. Cheney Residence, Oak Park

S.117 – Peter A. Beachy Residence, Oak Park

S.159 – William H. Copeland Garage, Oak Park

S.168 – Oscar B. Balch Residence, Oak Park

S.179 – Harry S. Adams Residence, Oak Park


Chicago City Limits

S.009 – James Charnley Residence, Chicago

S.011 – Warren McArthur Residence & Remodeling, Chicago

S.014 – George Blossom Residence, Chicago

S.026 – Robert W. Roloson Rowhouses remodeling, Chicago

S.031 – Edward C. Waller Apartments, Chicago

S.038 – Isodore H. Heller Residence, Chicago

S.048 – William & Jessie M. Adams Residence, Chicago

S.049 & S.050 – S.A. Foster Residence & Stable, Chicago

S.091 – J.J. Walser, Jr., Residence, Chicago

S.095 – Abraham Lincoln Center, Chicago

S.113 – Rookery Building, Chicago

S.114 – E-Z Polish Factory, Chicago

S.127 – Frederick C. Robie Residence, Chicago

S.133 – George Blossom Garage, Chicago

S.140 – Raymond W. Evans Residence, Chicago

S.180 - Midway Gardens Sprites

S.193 – Emil Bach Residence, Chicago

S.204.1 – Guy C. Smith Residence, Chicago

S.204.2 & S.204.2A – H.H. Hyde Residence & Garage, Chicago

Former window displays at Smith Museum of Stained Glass Windows:

        Coonley Poolhouse     Oscar Stephens Residence      Little Residence II    



Chicago area & North Shore

S.013 – W. Irving Clark Residence, La Grange

S.015 – Robert G. Emmond Residence, La Grange

S.024 & S.025 – William H. Winslow Residence & stable, River Forest

S.028 – Frederick Bagley Residence, Hinsdale

S.029 – Peter Goan Residence, La Grange

S.033 & S.033A – Chauncey L. Williams Residence & Dormer alterations, River Forest

S.054 –  Ward Willits Residence, Highland Park

S.055 – Ward Willits Gardener’s Cottage & Stables, Highland Park

S.057 – F.B. Henderson Residence, Elmhurst

S.065 – Edward C. Waller Gates, River Forest

S.068 – E. Arthur Davenport Residence, River Forest

S.089 – A.W. Herbert Residence remodeling, Evanston

S.107 – Hiram Baldwin Residence, Kenilworth

S.108 – Mary M.W. Adams Residence, Highland Park

S.109 – William A. Glasner Residence, Glencoe

S.110 – Charles A. Brown Residence, Evanston

S.118 – Frederick D. Nichols Residence, Flossmoor

S.119 – River Forest Tennis Club, River Forest

S.120 – P.D. Hoyt Residence, Geneva

S.121 – A.W. Gridley Residence, Batavia

S.126 – George M. Millard Residence, Highland Park

S.128 – Ferdinand F. Tomek Residence, Riverside

S.129 – George Fabyan remodeling, Geneva

S.135 – Avery Coonley Residence, Riverside

S.136 – Avery Coonley Gardener’s Cottage, Riverside

S.137 – Avery Coonley Carriage House, Riverside

S.138 – Stephen M.B. Hunt Residence #1, La Grange

S.150 – Isabel Roberts Residence, River Forest

S.151, S.151A & S.151B  – Frank J. Baker Residence, carriage house, & additions, Wilmette

S.161 – J. Kibben Ingalls Residence, River Forest

S.174 – Avery Coonley Playhouse, Riverside

S.176 - William B. Greene Residence, Aurora

S.177 – Walter Gerts Residence Remodeling, River Forest

S.177a - William Heald Residence, Glen Ellyn

S.178 – Sherman M. Booth Cottage, Glencoe

S.179a – Controversial neighborhoods: William Street and Clinton Place, River Forest

S.184 & S.184A – Edward F. Brigham Residence & garage, Glencoe

S.185.1, 185.2, 185.3 – Ravine Bluffs Development decorations, Glencoe

S.186 – Ravine Bluffs Development bridge, Glencoe

S.187 – Sherman M. Booth Residence, Glencoe

S.188 – Charles R. Perry Residence, Glencoe

S.189 – Hollis P. Root Residence, Glencoe

S.190 – William F. Kier Residence, Glencoe

S.191 – William F. Ross Residence, Glencoe

S.192 – Lute F. & Daniel Kissam Residence, Glencoe

S.202.2 – Chester Bragg Residence, Berwyn

S.203.5 – Richards “Bungalow,” Berwyn

S.203.6 – Richards “Bungalow,” Berwyn

S.203.2 – Lewis E. Burleigh Residence, Wilmette

S.203.3 – Ida & Grace McElwain Residence, Lake Bluff

S.204.3 – Oscar A. Johnson Residence, Evanston

S.204.6 – Charles Heisen Residence, Villa Park

S.204.7 – Thomas E. Sullivan Residence, Wilmette

S.265 – Lloyd Lewis Residence, Libertyville

S.334 – Robert & Elizabeth Muirhead Residence, Hampshire

S.341 – Charles F. Glore Residence, Lake Forest

S.394 – Warren Scott remodeling of S.150, River Forest

S.376 – Louis B. Fredrick Residence, Barrington Hills

S.403 – Allen Friedman Residence, Bannockburn  

S.409.1 – Carl Post Residence, Barrington Hills


Rockford area

S.116 – William  H. Pettit Mortuary Chapel, Belvidere

S.319 – Kenneth Laurent Residence, Rockford


Central Illinois

S.052 & S.053 – B. Harley Bradley Residence & Stable, Kankakee

S.056 – Warren Hickox Residence, Kankakee

S.070 & S.071 – Francis W. & Mary Little Residence I & Stable, Peoria

S.072 – Dana-Thomas Residence, Springfield

S.073 – Lawrence Memorial Library, Springfield

S.111 – First National Bank of Dwight/Frank L. Smith, Dwight

S.152 – Clarke Additions to Little Residence I, Peoria

S.165 & S.165A – Edward P. & Florence Bernice Irving Residence & Garage, Decatur


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