Geographical Index – Florida

Central Florida

S.251 – S.258 – Florida Southern College, Lakeland (main page)

S.251 – Pfeiffer Chapel

S.251a – Faculty Housing/Visitor Center

S.252 – E.T. Roux Library

S.253 – Seminar Buildings

S.253.1 – Isabel Walbridge Seminar Building

S.253.2 – Charles W. Hawkins Seminar Building

S.253.3 – Cora Carter Seminar Building

S.253A – Conversion of Seminar Buildings to offices

S.254 – Industrial Arts Building

S.255A – Water Dome

S.255B – Emile E. Watson Administration Building

S.255C – Benjamin Fine Administration Building

S.256 – Polk County Science Building

S.257 – Esplanades (covered walkways)

S.258 – Danforth Chapel

Legoland Florida, Winter Haven



S.359 – Clifton & George Lewis Residence (“Spring House”), Tallahassee


Southern Florida

Model – Ludd M. Spivey Cottage, Ft. Lauderdale (unconstructed)





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Frank Lloyd Wright