Geographical Index – Minnesota

Minneapolis-St. Paul & Eastern Minnesota

S.229 – Malcolm E. Willey Residence, Minneapolis

S.292 – Dr. A.H. Bulbulian Residence, Rochester

S.314 – Henry J. Neils Residence, Minneapolis

S.321 –Thomas E. Keys Residence, Rochester

S.412.2 – James B. McBean Residence, Rochester

S.424 – Fasbender Medical Clinic, Hastings

S.427 – Paul Olfelt Residence, St. Louis Park

Minneapolis Institute of Arts – Little Residence I (Illinois) windows

Minneapolis Institute of Arts – Little Residence II (Minnesota) windows & room reconstruction

Minneapolis Institute of Arts – George Barton Residence furniture


Duluth/Northern Minnesota

S.353 – R.W. Lindholm Residence, Cloquet

S.414 – R.W. Lindholm Service Station, Cloquet


Southern Minnesota

S.336 – S.P. Elam Residence, Austin


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Frank Lloyd Wright